What Is SMT (Surface Mount Technology)?

Introduce of SMT

Surface mount technology is an electronic assembly technology.

This technology originated in the 1960's and involves mounting electronic devices such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, integrated circuits, etc. onto a printed circuit board and forming electrical connections through brazing. The device used is also referred to as surface mount device, and the major difference between surface mount technology and through-hole insertion technology is that surface mount technology does not need to reserve the corresponding penetration holes for the device pins, and the device size of surface mount technology is also much smaller than that of through-hole insertion technology.

By applying surface mount technology, the overall processing speed can be increased, but because of the miniaturization of the parts and the increased density of the board, the risk of defects is increased, so in any surface mount technology circuit board manufacturing process, error detection has become a necessary part of the process.


SMT assembly line equipment

1. Pick and place machine

Pick and place machine is the most technically advanced production equipment on the SMT line, and is responsible for the precise and non-destructive placement of components onto the PCB board at the specified location. The most important thing to measure the performance of the pick and place machine is the mounting speed, mounting accuracy, PCB size, mounting range, etc. In the whole SMT production line, the performance of the mounter is the core of the decision production line.

2. Solder paste printing machine

Solder paste printing machine is the SMT production line before the process equipment, responsible for the solder paste, glue printing to the PCB, for the post placement process ready. Solder paste printing machine is divided into manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic solder paste printing machine.

3. Reflow oven

Reflow oven is SMT production line after the process, responsible for the PCB has been mounted and components of the solder melted and bonded to the motherboard. Reflow oven also has many varieties, such as hot air reflow, hot wire reflow, hot gas reflow, laser reflow, etc.

4. SMT related equipment

There are many SMT related equipment, such as SMT AOI machine, which is specialized in detecting PCB connectivity, connecting table for transmission between equipment, and automatic component detection equipment, etc. These equipment can be used with SMT machines, solder paste printing machines and reflow ovens to form fully automatic SMT production lines, making production more efficient and automated.

SMT production equipment most mainly refers to the three major equipment of the mounting machine, solder paste printing machine, reflow oven, a production line performance, efficiency, depending on the three major SMT production equipment.

How to choose SMT production line equipment?

1. According to the type of product, production, the recent development plan

Clearly processed in the production line of electronic products, product types, product complexity, product components, the total annual output; according to the establishment of new production lines or on the old production line for reconstruction, expansion and other practical situations, to determine the size of the production line, calculate the need for specific bonder.

2. According to the product process to determine the equipment selection program

Product is simple, using pure surface assembly or single-sided mixed assembly process, you can choose a welding equipment (reflow furnace or wave soldering machine); product is more complex, assembly density is higher, and more inserted components of the double-sided mixed form, using reflow soldering and wave soldering two kinds of welding process, should choose reflow furnace and wave soldering machine two kinds of welding equipment; such as products need to clean, but also configure cleaning equipment.

3. According to the electronic product assembly density, mount component type, quantity to determine the equipment type

High density, has the multi-pin narrow pitch and the size is bigger SMD device, has the shaped component, must choose the multi-functional mounter, a multi-functional mounter can't finish the mount task, then should also configure a medium speed mounter or the high speed mounter.

4. According to the enterprise capital conditions

Funding conditions are relatively tight, should give priority to the performance price ratio of the equipment.

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