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NeoDen FP2636 Stencil Printing Machine without Frame

Stencil printing machine Letter mark for each regulating handle, better and easier to operate. Straight damping shaft, ensure the stencil fixed frame can be fastened at random angles, to improve convenience while operating.

NeoDen FP2636 Stencil Printer


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Model NeoDen FP2636
Dimensions 660×470×245(mm)

Platform height


Max PCB Size


Printing speed

Labor control

PCB Thickness





1T screw rod regulating handle, ensure adjustment accuracy and levelness of PCB fixed plane, minimum lead pitch achieved 1mm.

2. Adjustable rubber footing, ensure the flatness while operating.

3. Letter mark for each regulating handle, better and easier to operate.

4. Rulers of stencil fixed frame for reference lines, ensure the levelness between stencil and PCB.

5. Straight damping shaft, ensure the stencil fixed frame can be fastened at random angles, to improve convenience while operating.

6. L supports and pins to fix PCB, applicable for multiple types PCBs’ fixation and printing, more flexible and convenient.

7. The mechanical fixation frame for quick installation and replacement of frameless stencils, ensure high-efficiency but low-cost.

8. Support for single sided as well as double sided PCB.

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